Cost Effective Managed Accounting Options

The question to ask yourself is “Did I get into business to manage accounting people?” Then you need to test whether the internal financial cost and the consumption of your managerial time is the best use of your limited time and energy. We know we will provide enhanced reporting and consulting value for every client who engages us. The only remaining question is whether we will be able to provide those enhanced services at 70% or 85% of your current costs. We are confident we will be more affordable.

Controller/CFO Support

We do not just provide outsourced accounting services. We integrate financial leadership with the solution. Your accounting solution will come with a Controller/CFO executive who will become your trusted advisor. The extent of how much of his or her time you will need depends on the complexity of your business and future plans.

Service Options and Benefits

  • Leadership of your in-house accounting staff, or the complete outsourcing of your accounting department
  • Hybrid Approach – retain some employees and outsource certain selected accounting processes
  • Outsourcing to JGD staff selected accounting functions – payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • Reassign in-house employees to jobs that better fit their skills
  • No employee benefits to pay, no employee payroll taxes
  • Eliminates hiring, training and managing accounting personnel

Does This Make Sense For You?

The only way to determine if this makes sense is to let us conduct an assessment. What accounting and financial support do you really need? How much is it really costing you to do these tasks internally? Are you getting the advice and planning you need from your accounting group? Our assessment will create a blueprint we can use to determine your needs and calculate costs and the enhanced value from our approach.